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Second training cycle on Non-Revenue Water successfully completed in Bosnia and Herzegovina by Aquasan Network in BiH

05 December 2018 // Bihac, Bosnia and Herzegovina

On 29 November 2018, Aquasan Network in BiH delivered the Final Workshop for 15 representatives from 7 Water Utilities thus completing the second training cycle under the D-LeaP NRW Program. As such, in two training cycles that have been carried out in 2017 and 2018, a total number of 38 employees and managers from 18 participating Water Utilities in Bosnia and Herzegovina have enhanced their competences to address high NRW levels. 

The Final Workshop was the opportunity for 2 Water Utilities to present their NRW Action Plans developed by applying knowledge and skills gained through the in-classroom and on-the-job training sessions as well as to reflect on the Program itself and exchange experience and good practices. It has been noted that the participants now have better understanding about the NRW concept and NRW components and have learned to develop water balance in line with IWA methodology and to interpret results, to establish and maintain DMAs in their water supply networks, to operate equipment for flow and pressure measurement and equipment for leak detection, to implement active leak detection and to develop and implement NRW Action Plans. In addition to these individual capacities, the Program has contributed to developing organisational capacities of the Water Utilities as they now have trained staff, software application for water balance development and interpretation, simple-to-use leak registry and NRW Action Plans which incorporate the overview of current state, guidelines for systemic NRW management and plan of short-tem, mid-term and long term NRW activities. Networking and exchange amongst the participating Water Utilities have also contributed to developing their institutional capacities.

To enable such effective delivery of the D-LeaP NRW Program, Aquasan has ensured, amongst others, the participation of its 5 trainers in the Training of Trainers (ToT) and designed and implemented the Program as a combination of 3 workshops (2 two-day and 1 one-day workshops) and close trainers‘ support during participants‘ independent work at their workplaces. Extensive promotional campaigns have been also conducted throughout entire Bosnia and Herzegovina to inform Water Utilities and Local Governments about the Program offering and benefits they could gain from participating. Last but not least, Aquasan continues to closely cooperate with the participating Water Utilities after the completion of the training cycles so as to share and promote their good experiences and benefits of the Program.