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First training cycle on Energy Efficiency successfully completed in Bosnia and Herzegovina by Aquasan Network in BiH

26 March 2019 // Banja Luca, Bosnia and Herzegovina

The final workshop within D-LeaP Capacity Development Program for improvement of Energy Efficiency in public utility companies (PUCs) was held in the hotel "Talija', in Banja Luca on 26 March 2019. The overall objective of the Program is capacity strengthening of the PUCs' employees on the methods and possibilities for Energy Efficiency improvement of pumping stations. The final one-day workshop within the Program for PUCs from Bosnia and Herzegovina (B&H) was organized by representatives of the thematic centre, Association for Water and Environmental Protection "Aquasan Network in B&H".

9 representatives of PUCs from B&H participated in second workshop: PUC ''Vodovod'' Ltd. Bihac, PUC ''Vodovod'' JSC Prnjavor, PUC ''Vodovod'' JSC Gradiska and JP ''Vodovod'' a.d. Trebinje. Ms. Azra Ograšević, workshop moderator, addressed the welcoming words to the participants and expressed her satisfaction that PUCs representatives recognized efforts of "Aquasan Network in B&H" to establish systematic and continuous education on the topic Energy Efficiency improvement in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Welcome words were addressed by Mr. Smail Omeragic and Mr. Emir Mureskic to, trainers of Aquasan Network in BiH. The third one-day workshop for PUCs representatives included the following topics: presentation of instruction material for using of pump head analysis, taking of electrical measurement and sizing of energy efficiency components, presenting of Action Plan for Energy Efficiency improvement, economical and financial aspects of energy efficiency projects in PUCs.

Certificates were awarded at the end of the workshop to all participants in the Program. The Program resulted with development of Action Plan for Energy Efficiency improvement for defining short-term and long-term activities and measures to be taken to increase energy efficiency in PUCs, which are participating in the Program.

The prepared Action Plan will serve as a starting point for the PUCs staff to find necessary financial resources at the international and domestic financial institutions for energy efficiency improvement projects and for reporting the founders, local government units (LGU).

According to the results of the evaluation, filled out by all the participants of the Program, the final one-day workshop can be considered as useful and successful. The participants expressed their satisfaction with the knowledge and skills gained during the one-day workshop and overall Program.