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Ukrainian study trip to Bavaria

07 September 2019 - 13 September 2019 // Germany

The ukrainian UBP Hub, which is operated by the Danube Water Centre, traditionally organizes a study trip to Bavaria in the course of the Benchmarking project delivered by the Hub.

On 7-13 September 2019, representatives from 15 Ukrainian water enterprises were able ot join the study trip on "Wastewater Management and Potable Water Supply", which is supported by the Project “Technologietransfer Wasser” (TTW) of the Ministry of the Environment and Consumer Protection of Bavaria.

On September 10, an official "Day of Ukraine in Bavaria" was organized at the Ministry of the Environment and Consumer Protection of Bavaria in Munich. The participants were introduced to the internal structure of the Ministry, the main aspects of water management in Bavaria, requirements for municipal wastewater discharge, the implementation of EU 91/271/EEC, as well as the demands of a sustainable water supply including the legal basics and standards.

In addition, representatives of five ukrainian water supply and sewerage utilities made presentations about the experience of implementing investment projects and planned prospective projects in their respective enterprises.

Furthermore, participants visited the facilities of the Bavarian water supply and sewerage sector and were familiarized with membrane technology at the wastewater treatment plant of Hutthurm, decarbonisation at “Water supply Plattling”, energy efficiency measures and deammonification for filtrate water at WWTP Landshut.

Antoher field trip was made to the municipal enterprise “Gemeindewerke”, where the participants were acquainted with the specifics of water supply and sewage treatment and the generation of geothermal energy. During the visit to the wastewater treatment plant of the Bad Tölz, the main characteristics of the practical use of sand filtration, UV disinfection and solar sludge drying were presented.

At “AWA-Ammersee”the Bavarian experts made an informative presentation about a currently ongoing research project dealing with energy generation in the water distribution network through intelligent pressure management and integration of new methods in the adaptation planning of municipal water supply networks.

All participants received an official certificates from the Ministry of the Environment and Consumer Rights Protection for their participation in the Seminar on “Wastewater Management and Potable Water Supply”.