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Aquasan launched the third cycle of D-LeaP NRW Program in Bosnia and Herzegovina

01 October 2019 - 02 October 2019 // Boboj, Bosnia and Herzegovina

On 1-2 October 2019, Aquasan Network in BiH delivered the initial workshop under the D-LeaP Capacity Development Program for Non-Revenue Water. The workshop took place in Doboj, Bosnia and Herzegovina, with the participation of 24 representatives from 13 PUCs in BiH. This is the third cycle of the implementation of the D-LeaP NRW program by Aquasan Network in BiH.

The initial Workshop is the first out of three Workshops in total aiming at enabling the participants to acquire core knowledge on NRW management and methods and tools for NRW reduction as well as to learn how to develop a NRW action plan.

The participating utilities are expected to develop individual and tailor-made NRW action plans, which will define short-term, mid-term and long-term activities and measures to reduce high NRW levels as well as timelines and resources required for their implementation.

In addition to internal planning on how to improve PUC performance indicators and to report to its founders i.e. municipalities, the NRW action plans shall serve as a basis for preparing applications for revolving and grant funds from relevant government institutions and/or credit loans from international development banks.

The participants were given homework to be undertaken with on-line support by the Aquasan trainers: development of water balance for the entire water supply network managed by their particular PUC, mapping of the water supply network and outline of DMAs. The next workshop is scheduled for December 2019.