Danube Learning Partnership

The Danube Hub

By establishing the new Danube Hub, IAWD is upgrading the existing national and sub-regional Hubs operating under the Utility Benchmarking Program, in order to support capacity building and the sharing of knowledge and experience among its members and other utilities located in the Danube region. The new Hub is managed by IAWD with the support of the newly assigned Hub coordinator Aleksandar Kristic.

For information on the Utility Benchmarking Program (UBP) itself, please visit the UBP website itself or browse through the UBP leaflet.


The process of recruitment of utilities for participation in the Danube Hub is continuously open. To join the Danube Hub, you need to fill in and submit the Application Form, which also contains the Conditions of participation. Based on the date of your application the Hub coordinator will consult with you about the best possible model and timing for your inclusion in the work of the Danube Hub. The working language is English.

The 2nd Danube Hub Cycle

After very successful 1st Danube Hub utility benchmarking cycle that took place in 2017-2018, we are glad to launch the 2nd Danube Hub utility benchmarking cycle.

In addition to the 18 existing Danube Hub members which are coming from 9 countries, which already collected their benchmarking data, we are inviting other leading utilities from the region to join the Danube Hub.

Important dates and outputs

The recruitment for additional participants starts on 14 September 2018.

Exception reports, which indicate possible mistakes in the data uploaded by a utility, are expected to be prepared based on data submitted by utilities before 30 November 2018.

Draft reports, which are the bases for discussions during the benchmarking workshop, are expected to be prepared based on data submitted by utilities to EBC before 19 January 2019.

The 2nd Danube Hub Utility Benchmarking Workshop will take place in Subotica, at the border of Serbia with Hungary. Public utility Water and Wastewater Subotica is one of the best operating utilities in the non-EU region of Western Balkans. The utility performs tertiary treatment of all wastewater it collects, and it cogenerates substantial part of the energy it uses. The workshop is planned to take place from 27 February to 1 March 2019.

Final reports, which are developed based on the control of the draft reports and workshops discussions, are expected to be prepared based on the data submitted by utilities to EBC before 22 March 2019.

The CEO Dinner for Danube Hub participants will take place in the frame of the Danube Water Conference, which will be organized in Vienna in May 2019.

How to register

To register for the current Benchmarking cycle of the Danube Hub, please fill in the Application form and send it to thedanubehub@d-leap.org. Please note that the application form has to be downloaded to be filled out. It also includes Conditions of participation.  

As soon as you submit your application, you will be contacted by the Hub coordinator to discuss the best way for you to join the ongoing Danube Hub activities.



The Danube Hub

Hub Coordinator: Aleksandar Krstić

IAWD - Danube Water Program

Phone: +381/63/442535
E-mail: thedanubehub@d-leap.org


For questions regarding the IAWD membership, please contact Katherine Wagner!